What is a trademark?

Trademarks are often among the most important and valuable assets of a business. A distinctive mark allows a company to attract and retain its customers for the goods or services it sells. The trademark allows a merchant’s client to distinguish between the products and services offered, the main benefits of which are the identification and differentiation of the products.

In the specialized literature, the following functions of a mark have been retained:

  • the function of differentiating products or services and indicating their origin;
  • quality assurance function;
  • the monopoly function;
  • the advertising function;
  • the consumer protection function.

A trademark may be any word, including names of persons, drawings, letters, figures, figurative elements, sounds, three-dimensional shapes and in particular the shape of the product or packaging, colors or any combination thereof, which identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of a company of those of others.

A registered trademark offers the owner an exclusive right of use and the right to require third parties to abstain from any facts and acts that would infringe his right.

Agenția noastră vă poate consilia în verificarea disponibilității la înregistrare a mărcilor dumneavoastră, evitând astfel încalcarea drepturilor mărcilor înregistrate anterior, depunerea cererilor pentru înregistrarea mărcilor și gestionarea tuturor procedurilor de înregistrare și reînnoire a mărcilor deja înregistrate, precum și gestionarea modificărilor în statutul juridic al mărcilor (schimbare titular, schimbare nume sau adresă titular).

What we can offer you:


  • Consultancy regarding the evaluation of a design regarding registration


  • Documentary research on the anteriority and novelty of an industrial design
  • Research to avoid counterfeiting


  • Submission of the application for registration of the industrial design and representation of the applicant until obtaining the title of protection at OSIM (national design), EUIPO (Community design)
  • Informing the applicant about the publication of the application in BOPI
  • Representation in the opposition or appeal procedure before OSIM or EUIPO
  • Registration of changes in the legal status of the designs regarding the name or address of the holder
  • Registration of assignments, mergers, licenses, pledges
  • Informing the holders about the renewal terms
  • Submission of the application for renewal of the industrial design

Supervision of official bulletins

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