Litigation? Sometimes inevitable, sometimes essential, sometimes necessary. However, it is not the only way to resolve a conflict in the field of industrial property rights.

Optimizing industrial property resources often equates to choosing different paths than litigation. Each conflict is analysed to find the best way to defend and protect your interests, whether it is a process of cancellation or forfeiture of rights, counterfeiting or alternative ways such as mediation, agreements, assignment of rights or licensing, as well as customs procedures.

What we can offer you:


  • Advice on infringement of the rights of holders of industrial property rights
  • Consultancy and representation in disputes regarding domain names, trade names
  • Consulting and representation in the crime of counterfeiting
  • Representation in the trademark annulment proceedings before the competent courts
  • Advice and representation in customs procedures
  • Representation in opposition and appeal proceedings at the national office and the community office
  • Representation in negotiation procedures, amicable settlement on the protection of industrial property rights

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