Industrial designs are creations of form through which the individualization through an aesthetic element of industrial products is achieved.

The law defines the design as a set of lines and colors that are made on flat surfaces, having a specific character and which by its application on an article or industrial product creates a new decorative effect.

The model is defined as the external appearance of a product or part thereof rendered in three dimensions, resulting from the combination of the main features, in particular lines, contours, colors, shape, texture or ornamentation of the product itself.

Compared to their way of expression, about designs it can be said that their aesthetic aspect brings them closer to copyright, their utilitarian aspect brings them closer to the patent, and the way they can be used assimilates them with trademarks.


The registration of designs gives the owner the following rights:

  • the right of priority as first deposit;
  • the exclusive right to exploit the design;
  • the right to prohibit third parties from performing without the consent of the holder the following acts: reproduction, manufacture, marketing or offering for sale, use, import or storage for marketing, offering for sale or use of a product in which the design is incorporated or in which it applies.


Our agency is at your disposal for the evaluation and advice regarding the filing of a design, as well as the drafting, submission of applications for registration and management of all procedures until obtaining the protection title to OSIM, EUIPO or WIPO.

Also, we can represent and assist you in the opposition or appeal proceedings before OSIM EUIPO or the Bucharest Court, the registration of the changes occurred in the legal status of the designs.

Our authorized advisers can conduct research on the relevance and availability to register a design, thus avoiding counterfeiting and infringement of the rights of the holders.

What we can offer you:


  • Consultancy regarding the evaluation of a design regarding registration


  • Documentary research on the anteriority and novelty of an industrial design
  • Research to avoid counterfeiting


  • Submission of the application for registration of the industrial design and representation of the applicant until obtaining the title of protection at OSIM (national design), EUIPO (Community design)
  • Informing the applicant about the publication of the application in BOPI
  • Representation in the opposition or appeal procedure before OSIM or EUIPO
  • Registration of changes in the legal status of the designs regarding the name or address of the holder
  • Registration of assignments, mergers, licenses, pledges
  • Informing the holders about the renewal terms
  • Submission of the application for renewal of the industrial design
  • Supervision of official bulletins

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